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Ontario's spray rose and snapdragon producer

About Lindy's Flowers

Lindy's Flowers was established in 1980 by John and Wilma Lindeboom outside the quaint town of Dunnville, Ontario. After growing chrysanthemums for 5 years, a transition was made to growing cut roses, a product that continues to be grown to this day. Over the years, the growing area increased from 10,000 ft2 to 120,000 ft2. In 2017, a strong line of snapdragons were added to the product list. After 38 years of serving the floral industry, John and Wilma passed the business over to their son and daughter in law, Scott and Becky Lindeboom.

Growing spray roses and snapdragons in the Canadian climate presents its challenges. To grow in these conditions, Lindy's Flowers uses supplementary lighting, energy curtains and high efficiency heating systems to simulate optimum growing conditions. Waste water is recycled  and reused, and CO2 emissions are collected and used in the greenhouse for increased plant health. Biological control is extensively used throughout the greenhouse to combat pest infestation with the use of beneficial insects.

Lindy's Flowers has always striven to provide excellent customer service by supplying a top quality product and endeavoring to meet the individual needs of each client.